Wednesday, March 18, 2009


a new week begins today (weight watchers week that is). i gained another pound this week. it's not like i'm eating everything in sight, and everything that i shove into my mouth is awful and unhealthy. i can't understand why if i even deviate slightly from the plan i gain each week. i should be able to eat a few crappy things in a week and not gain from it, shouldn't i??

i am starting to feel desperate. today i am beginning the miami heart institute diet. it is a strict diet that must be followed exactly for 3 days. apparently you are supposed to lose 10 pounds in 3 days, but the last time i did this diet i lost 4 pounds. i also did not follow it perfectly, i added a couple of things and substituted some things. this time i will do the same since i already know that i'm going out to dinner tonight. other than tonight, everything else will be followed perfectly. if i even lose anything i will be happy. i plan on doing this diet again twice more prior to my vacation to boston in three weeks.

ok i'm going to sound like a crazy person, but in the middle of writing this blog i decided to do a little research on the diet. i have discovered that this is a phony diet. on the american heart institute's official website it does not claim any credit for it. it actually goes a step further to denounce it completely. after reading many experiences from people that have tried it, they all say that they gained the weight back almost immediately. now that i think of it, i gained the 4 pounds that i lost back almost right away.

i'm going to eat what i bought for the diet but i'm not going to follow this shit exactly. weight watchers works for me, i need to learn how to stick to what works.

this will be a good week.

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  1. that is 100% it!!

    sticking to what works for you and, IMO, screw all others :)