Thursday, March 19, 2009

i had a wonderful "on plan" day yesterday after my post. i went out to dinner at the macaroni grill and made great choices. i even skipped on the usual glass or two of wine and had only water for a beverage, which i was especially proud of. i used two weekly points. my best day in weeks.

and then i had a case of insomnia, tossing and turning for two hours in bed, gave up trying to sleep at around 3am and binged on a bag of tostitos. it could have been worse- a bag of plain m&m's has actually survived in my apartment for two whole days now. this is me looking at the bright side of every situation. i think it's working.

today was a great day too. went out for thai food and ate less than half of my meal. had a few snacks throughout the later part of the day that were healthy, and for the first time in i don't know how long got in 5 servings of fruits/vegetables. it's almost 10pm and i still have two points left! AND i set a little goal for myself to drink 8 glasses of water today- i'm currently sipping my eighth glass.

a lot of small victories. if i continue to focus on things like this i feel i will be successful.

i'm off to do the ab circle.

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